How to add the web items or web sections to the UI

Hello community,

a friend a developer and me try to get all information together and want to start to implement a plugin/app for Crowd which extends the group view with another tab.

We tried multiple things to put in a web section or a web item in any part of the UI, but it failed so far.
Can somebody give maybe an example how to add another item or section to any place in the UI of the latest Crowd?

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We tried out to add some elements on any place in Crowd, but there is no way so far to integrate it in a list, dropdown, section or anywhere else on the UI. Did somebody was able to get this to work before?

If we go through the community question: Is Crowd the black sheep of the Plugin SDK family? ( it feels that a lot of people struggle with that already years ago. Did something changed on that in the latest version?

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