How to allow automatic ranking with override?


I am new to Jira and to the community, so feel free to ask if some elements are missing.

On a Jira board, if you define a filter to rank the tickets in a specific way (for example ORDER BY CreationDate DESC), the user loses the possibility to manually rank the tickets. They are all automatically ranked based on the filter, period.

On a project we have the following statuses and columns in the board:
3 - …

We would like to do the following:
1 - Every time a ticket status changes from TRIAGE to ANALYSIS, rank it automatically based on a set of criteria (by severity then by environment (custom field, prod/staging/dev) then by other custom fields). This is a one time thing.

2 - In the ANALYSIS column, the user should still be able to drag and drop a ticket to override the automated classification that happened in #1.

What would be the approach to implement something like this?
In case we need a plugin, is it easy to listen to a specific event such as something like “STATUS CHANGED”, and execute some custom business logic?

Thanks for any help!

The only way to do what you want is to use two boards. One that allows ranking by Rank and other that sorts by criteria.