How to allow users control over what is migrated to cloud?

Hello! We’ve been working on server-to-cloud migration for our application, and while we mostly managed to make it work, there are a few things that we think users would want but we can’t figure out how to provide.

For context, our app allows Jira users to configure objects that they can share with one another. The configuration of these objects can be very complicated, which is why we want to migrate them from server to cloud automatically.

We got most of it working, but one problem is that users can have a lot of these objects. (Think Agile boards or dashboards.) We believe that when users will migrate projects a few at a time, they would prefer to only migrate some of our configuration objects. We have no way to determine automatically which (because they’re not really tied to projects). Ideally we would like a way to add UI in the migration process so that users could choose what to migrate, the way they can choose which projects to migrate now.

As far as I can tell, there is no way of doing this yet. Am I missing something? Maybe some kind of API could be added to allow the server app to say “I can be customized, give users the option to open this dialog with our custom options”?

Hi @bbutnaru,

Short answer, there’s no way to be part of the migration assistant at this stage the way you’re thinking.

We have this issue

Which is close to what you want.

You have opportunities for messaging during app migration with the notification API, which can include a link to any page (internal server admin page or something in your service)

From what I’ve seen of other solutions, a combination of documentation and providing a pre-migration UI seems to work. What that means is that you create in the server admin or configuration section a way of marking objects that need to be migrated prior to running JCMA. On migration you record which items were transferred for reporting back to the admin.

When JCMA is running, you can see which projects were migrated by using the Transfer API

You can then map between the migrated projects per migration and your objects, if necessary.

I hope this gives you some ideas. I’d be happy if any other Partners have other solutions.


OK, thank you James!