How to best/fastest retrieve all cards from all boards?

Hi community

We are using a Trello workspace for each of our customers with one or more boards on each. We have built a tool for getting an overview of each employee’s assigned tasks (cards) as well as time spent on each task retrieved from Harvest time registration system. We have our app/bot added to each board we need this information from, so it got the access it needs. We move old tasks (cards) to an archive board for each customer for cleaning up. The bot don’t have access to the archives, so we need to get all cards to see which we no longer have access to (that was not in the response)

It’s working quite good, but in order to do our analysis we need to retrieve all cards full sync every time we want to use the app, which I guess is both hard on the Trello API, but it also takes about 30-40 seconds before our tool is ready for use.

We retrieve each accessible workspace and their boards and then we retrieve the cards of each board. It is a lot of calls, and many boards don’t have a lot of cards. So it’s a lot of overhead. Is there any way, we can retrieve all cards the bot have access to, no matter the workspace or board? Or at least all cards in workspace?

I’d like replies both to the question at hand: How to get all cards, but also general comments to the above scenario. We can’t be the first one to do this :smiley:

Best regards