How to block draft request for TinyMCE editor in Confluence?

Our add-on has a macro that uses TinyMCE editor. This editor is the same as Confluence own editor (see here).

Similar to Confluence TinyMCE editor behavior, this editor is also sending a draft request, [baseUrl]/rest/tinymce/1/drafts, where the interval corresponds to the one set in Confluence’s Draft Interval setting. See below:

Specific to our add-on, we have to disable this request as it’s triggering a Leave site? browser popup (see below) whenever the draft request is being sent.

This intrusive behavior is creating poor experience for our users when using our app and we are hoping to fix it.

Based on our investigation, we found that whenever the draft request is being sent, the popup will appear. Due to this, we’d like to disable this draft request from being sent.

We’ve attempted overriding the AJS.bind() but failed.

We are wondering if the TinyMCE can actually be configured to not send the draft request?