How to block the transition with forge

Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to block the transition from one state to another with forge.


Hi @CristinaBalczar ,

The Forge Jira workflow validator module can be used, but it only support company-managed projects at this time.


Hi @dmorrow,

Thanks for your answer, I am using the validator, but is there any way to add this validator with code, without the need to manually edit the workflow?


Hi @dmorrow, do you have any update about our request?

Hi @matteosilva ,

This has not yet been implemented and I don’t see it on the Forge roadmap nor in the Jira API changelog.

There is an internal issue for this, but you may like to create a public facing issue in Log in with Atlassian account as this may prompt other developers adding comments and voting for it.

FYI, it looks like there’s about 28 Connect apps depend on this feature.

I’ve reached out to the Jira Cloud Ecosystem team to see if they are planning to implement this in the foreseeable future.