How to bulk get users as an app


I would like to be able to get multiple users based on a list of account ids through one REST call. The API also needs to be available for apps. I see that this one exists

GET /wiki/rest/api/user/bulk

but for some reason it isn’t accessible through an app (according to the documentation). Is there any other way for an app to get a list of users based on account ids (without querying them one by one)?

We use the sibling version of that api in Jira where it is available for apps:
Returns a paginated list of the users specified by one or more account IDs.

Permissions required: Permission to access Jira.

App scope required : READ

OAuth scopes required :


@rwhitbeck any magic that can be done?

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I stumbled onto this CONFCLOUD ticket and in the internal comments was a statement that this can be handled already like so:


Let me know if that works for you?

As for the bulk endpoint not being available in apps…I’ll bring this up to the PM’s.