How to call a python file (.py) in a forge app

I want to use my model written in Python to classify the issues and use Forge Cloud to display the result. But as far as I know, forge doesn’t support Python so I was wondering how can I integrate my Python code with the index.js file. Any suggestion would be a great help.


In short, you can’t. There’s no Python interpreter available in the Forge Runtime.

To explain, The Forge Runtime is not an arbitrary computing environment. What the docs explain is:

At the heart of Forge is a serverless FaaS hosting platform, powered by AWS Lambda. Apps created with Forge run inside a security layer that enforces tenancy isolation and data egress restriction by design.

Elaborated over subsequent docs is the Forge Runtime is effectively a Node.js environment with a tenant-focused security model that severely limits access to infrastructure.

I would 2nd @PaoloCampanelli’s prior answer, elaborating that Forge is not itself a general purpose AI/ML development platform. If you want to understand how to mix the Forge with AI, I’d recommend starting with @dmorrow’s blog post on Forge AI Basics. With that, you might better understand what Paolo is suggesting in a mixed architecture using Forge Remote, where you would substitute your own “back-end” for what Dugald has illustrated with OpenAI.


Thanks for the suggestion, The Forge Remote was really helpful.

Thank you