How to cancel the Jira Server's caching function?

Hi, I am developing a project and need to cancel Jira Server’s caching function.

I’m using atlassian-jira-software-9.12.4, and noticed that when I modified the data in the “project” table used by Jira in the database, then refresh the web page about projects but the new data was not displayed. It seems that the project related information is cached.
Only when you clear the cache folder and restart the Jira server, or update the project information in the web page, will it be synchronized with the data in the database.

I googled for a long time, but I couldn’t find any information related to Jira cache. Does anyone know relevant information? Can I cancel this cache?

Hello @yanyi

You’ve posted your question in a forum for developers to discuss matters related to building applications for Atlassian’s products.

If you have questions regarding the general management or functionality of Jira Software Server, you are best to ask them in the Jira Software section of the public Community Forum.

Ok, I will ask question in the public Community Forum. Thanks for your reply.