How to catch the deletion and the servicename of a custom mailhandler?

I created my custom mail handler that implements MessageHandler interface.
It’s working well, but I’m not able to do 2 things on it.

  1. to get the related service name
  2. To catch its deletion from administrator configuration page.

I added further configuration fields in its configuration dialog and I’m able to get them through the parameter field passed to init() function of the handler.
To get the service name, maybe I should add some function in my related MyHandlerDetailsWebAction extending AbstractEditHandlerDetailsWebAction ?

Moreover, since I’m using ActiveObjects to store some configuration datas of my handlers, when I delete a mail handler I need to delete the related row from the table of the AO that I’m using. But I’m not able to catch the deletion of my custom handler when I do it from the administrator page.
The handler is correctly deleted but I’m able to catch the deletion. What am I missing ?