How to change comment author?


We currently use the chat plugin for Jira Service Management in our instance of Jira to assist in serving our customers. Due to some internal processes, the way these tickets are handled and some limitations of the plugin, we are thinking about developing our own chat service.

During a preview of the Jira Cloud API that I’ll make available at the link below, we understood what the logic, behaviors and which endpoints to use could look like. However, a question arose as to the author of a comment on an edit. We haven’t found ways to change the comment author the same way you can set the reporter when creating the issue.

But on the other hand, the chat plugin we use can do this, as the comment author’s name is in the customer’s name.

I would like help and guidance on how we can perform this same procedure. We need comments to be made by customers.
We are currently using Basic Authentic with a user who has permission to create new items.


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Dinael Silva

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @DinaelSilva,

Apps have a more sophisticated auth model than API tokens. You cannot do “user impersonation” with basic auth and API tokens.

Hi @ibuchanan,
Very interesting! Could you share with me documentation and guidance on where to start?

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Dinael Silva


User impersonation is a feature of Atlassian Connect. Here’s an important note from the docs (emphasis added):

Note that the JWT Bearer token authorization grant type for OAuth 2.0 is different from OAuth 2.0 authorization code grants. JWT Bearer token authorization grant type for OAuth 2.0, also known as two-legged OAuth with impersonation (2LOi), can only be used in Connect apps. OAuth 2.0 authorization code grants, also known as three-legged OAuth (3LO), can be used in any apps or integrations.

Hope that helps.