How to change creator and creation time of page?

Is it possible to change creator and creation time of page after it was created through REST API? Alternatively, is it possible to assign to page during its creation creator and creation time different from the time and user making a call? Thank you.

You can use the ContentEntityManager to get a ContentEntityObject which has setCreator and setCreationDate methods and save it back.

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@Panos, Thank you for valuable insights. It exactly solves my question but in Java API only. Is there similar functionality also in REST API, as indicated in my question? Thank you.

I am not aware of any, though nothing prevents you from making your own REST api that does the above.

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@Panos, Thank you. I suppose it clarifies the situation, unless somebody else will have something to add.

Since Java API is available only on server but not in cloud, would it be correct to say that changing author and date of page creation in cloud version is impossible?