How to change the app ownership or vender name?

I created Custom issue galance app using forge. How to change the app ownership?

Can I change this app owner option.

Hi @Stars

While there isn’t a self-serve option for you to transfer the ownership of an app, our support team can help you with this.

Can you raise a ticket here with the details of the current and the new owner and the Vendor name as well?

A confirmation from the current and the new owner will be required so please make sure they are added as a participant to the ticket right after it’s been created.



Hi @ccurti Now I am the owner and the developer of the app . I am the only person who can develop and deploy this app. Can I add another person to edit the app. When another person going to log and deploy this app they can see below error. Otherwise can we create common token to log all the developers.

Error: Server error: [{"message":"User is not able to view this app","locations":[{"line":1,"column":63}],"path":["app"],"extensions":{"errorSource":"UNDERLYING_SERVICE","errorType":"AUTHORIZATION_FAILED","statusCode":403,"classification":"DataFetchingException"}}], requestId=b652235e92e55a69

Hi @Stars,

We are working on a feature to allow multiple user to develop and deploy an app but, while that’s in the works, only one user can develop on an app with a single appId.

In the meantime, a few developers have used a shared account (like, then create and manage the Forge App with shared credentials or transferred it to that account.

Or you could have each developer have their own vesion of the app and change the appId in the manifest by running forge register in the CLI.
This command will change the appId and register the app to the individual developer who is logged in via the CLI.
You will then need to make sure that the appId in the repository is not overwritten so that it doesn’t change based on the user who does the commit.
Another developer posted an idea on how to achieve this in this message.

This is the related item on the Forge roadmap: Trello