How to change the layout of macro editor pop up window

Hi Team,

I need to change the layout of custom macro edit pop up window. For e.g. Increase the width of macro edit parameter section etc.

Is there any standard documentation which can show how to do that ?



Hi Team ,

Could you please help to point me some documentation regarding above mentioned query ?



Same feedback as posted on your other thread:

The community needs more information, especially Server vs Cloud.

Hi @ibuchanan

This is for confluence server. I have also updated the tags in the question as well.

Actually, I wanted to know Is there any standard document/ process to customize the [helloworld ]macro editor window ? Like updating the width of left macro parameter input section , adding buttons/check box right after select macro label . I know the process to add text input fields using parameters tag in plugin.xml file. Like in the same way , do we have any mechanism to add button after save button option…


Hi @ibuchanan

I’ve updated the tags as mentioned . Could you please help to suggest how to increase the width of macro parameter window [Left side of macro window] ? Or could you please help to tag someone who knows how to do it ?

Actually I wanted to increase the width of highlighted section mentioned in attached snapshot.