How to change the logo that shows during the app installation?

I want to change the B icon that shown at the top with a custom svg/png image,
is this diable? how to achieve this?

You should be able to do this from your developer console. Select your app, and then from Settings, you should be able to change the app’s Avatar.

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Thanks David for your suggestion,
Yes we tried updating the Avatar, though it was reflected at the JIRA dashboard,
in the installation page we noticed the Avatar didn’t change, may be I missed some configuration?

Hmm. I just tried with one of ours as well and experienced the same thing, although I don’t recall that being the case in the past, but very well could be misremembering. You might try adding it as a resource as referenced here (haven’t tried myself). Found this mentioned here.

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Hi @RibinRoy,

You’ll need help from our support team if the app has already been deployed to production.

I’ve shared the instructions here:



Thanks @ccurti!