How to close a sprint in JIRA Cloud using V3 REST API

Hi Experts,
Is there a way I can complete a sprint in JIRA using the REST APIs V3?
Unfortunately not able to find one here.

Any help is appreciated.

Hello @ISSandboxes

Google ‘jira cloud rest api sprints’. The first result found is the documentation for the endpoints related to Sprints.

Hi @sunnyape , thank you for your reply but this is a 1.0 versioned REST API.
My ask was specific to v3 endpoints i.e anything within that can be used?
Really appreciate your reply

This is part of the Jira software REST API - v3 refers to the platform rest API that does not have any methods for this


Hello @ISSandboxes

As @ernst.stefan has said, the Agile functionality is provided by the Jira Cloud SOFTWARE module, which has separate REST APIs to the Jira Cloud platform itself.

Refer to this forum thread where this topic has been previously discussed, or search this forum for ‘sprint rest api’ for other times the same topic has been raised.

For more on the different between Jira and Jira Software, Google ‘jira vs jira software’

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