How to connect third party API from jira app


I’m new to jira development. I want to create an app in jira which have few fields like name, date, time, etc. when user submitted the form I want save those details in my server using endpoint.

I checked REST API calls those are related to access things(issues, projects, users…) within jira.

How can I achieve my requirement. Can someone guide me or suggest any reference docs.


Are you on cloud or server? For a start you should check out the respective getting started guide.

Getting started (Server)
Getting started (Cloud)

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Hi Schatter,

Thx for reply. I started with cloud. As mentioned in ref link followed steps and created sample hello world app. While accessing that getting 500 error. Please help me.!


Sorry, never seen this error before. What are the exact steps to produce this error?

Created ‘atlassian-connect.json’ and ‘helloworld.html’ files and hsted it in my server.

From Jira settings > Apps > Manage apps uploaded ‘atlassian-connect.json’ file. Get message as successfully installed.

In left sidebar ‘Greeting’ menu appeard. When click on it getting 500 error.
Expected output is “Hello world” but i’m getting error.

  • Log reference: 7d913472-92b0-43b9-b0bf-429466d7625c

Hi @Sankar,

Are you able to go around this issue?


Hi Acalantog,

Issue resolved.

Hi @Sankar,

Good to know! Can you please share with us what was the solution? So it can help other developers as well.



Hi Anne,

The format of atlassioan-connect.json is wrong.

My config file is

“vendor”: {
“name”: “My APP”,
“url”: “
“description”:“This is my description”,
“name”:“My APP”,
“generalPages”: [
“url”: “/jira/home.html”,
“key”: “hello-world”,
“location”: “”,
“name”: {
“value”: “My APP”