How to create a bare minimum client side extension plugin

The client-side-extension template provides a complete example with different extensions.
It is fine for testing stuff and adding on top. But, if one would like to create his own client-side-extension plugin he would need to modify alot in the template.
I went on modifying/deleting lots of stuff, but due to my lack of knowledge of the overall plugin architecture I came across build failures that I couldn’t fix.

Is there a way to create a bare minimum client side extension plugin, where one could add one of given extension in the template for e.g. (diff-toolbar-extension.js).
Note that the “page-bootstrapper” is not needed in my case.

I have so far tried:


But when prompted to choose the plugin module there is no client-side-extension type.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @seifkhal ,

You can modify or remove the JS files that you don’t need from the src/ directory. There is nothing else you need to modify for the plugin to work.

That’s pretty much what is the purpose of the project template. It’s covering the bare minimum of a frontend setup and includes a webpack with CSE.

If you want you can start from scratch and configure the webpack using this guide: Setup CSE webpack plugin - Client-side Extensions

You can check the “Removing page bootstrapper” paragraph in file to remove it.

Maciej Adamczak
Atlassian Developer

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Thanks for the reply. I had the impression that the atlassian CLI’s had something for CSE, but, apparently not.

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