How to create a filter with loggedin sharePermissions

The api call returns 200 OK but the sharePermissions is not set. What am I missing?

I tried using an existing ID and a made up ID but both did nothing.


    "name": "projektName3",
    "jql": "project = NEBU AND issuetype in (Extra, Pauschal) ORDER BY created DESC",
    "sharePermissions": [{"id": "100001", "type": "loggedin"}]

According to API documentation:
loggedin - Shared with all logged-in users. Note: This value is set in a request by specifying authenticated as the type.

So the following request body should work:

    "jql": "issuetype = Story",
    "name": "My Test Story Filter",
    "description": "Lists all story issues",
    "sharePermissions": [{"type": "authenticated"}]

Could you please give this a try? Thanks.