How to create a fluid page refresh similar to Jira Edit Issue Dialog?

I have created a Jira dialog on the issue page similar to the edit dialog.

JIRA.Dialogs.hoursDialog = new JIRA.Dialog({
		trigger: "a.record_hours_button",
		id: "hours-tracking-dialog",    
		ajaxOptions: JIRA.Dialogs.getDefaultAjaxOptions,
		onSuccessfulSubmit: function() {	//not needed?
			console.log("Inside submit function");
		autoClose: true      

The dialog itself contains a form, and we I submit the form I want to close the dialog and return to the issue page. How can i create that fluid page refresh jira does with it’s edit dialog? Right now, and I submit the form and don’t call e.preventDefault() it refreshes but it does provide a nice user experience like the edit dialog does. I want my dialog to show a white overlay and refresh smoothly just like the edit dialog.