How to create a new Build Plan Requirement via REST


I have a large number of Bamboo plans which I would like to enter each Default Job and add a new capability to the existing Requirements.

Having dug into the REST API, I don’t see any way to do this. Does anyone know of an endpoint which can do this for me so that I can script this task?

An alternative may be that I have to create a plug-in that will provide this endpoint. Any advice would be much appreciated.


I don’t think there’s a public API which allows you to achieve the things you want to.
If you want to write a plugin to allow such things, please refer to writing a plugin with REST plugin module

However, I encourage you to use Bamboo Specs which allow you to modify Bamboo configuration from Java code. The code can be stored in Bitbucket Server and Bamboo is able to pick up the changes automatically and reflect new configuration of your plans. Bamboo Specs can be used as “REST” client and you can simply push your config to Bamboo. More information


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Thanks so much for the Bamboo Specs tip! This certainly looks like the best solution.

Hi @glewandowski,

I have the Bamboo Spec adding the Requirement. It was very easy to implement. Is there an API in Bamboo Specs that can iterate over all plans/stages?


No there’s no such way. It’s because Specs are designed as a plans and deployment projects definition, not as CRUD REST API.

There’s no way of iterating over plans. But you can export all plans to Specs (via UI only), apply proper refactoring to make those changes easier and store new maintainable definitions in your Bibtucket Server repository.

Thanks again for your helpful advice!