How to create and list Sprints for a project using v3 of the API

Not 100% sure if this is the correct forum.

I am using the V3 API & I want to list & create sprints on a project, but I can not see anywhere talking about this at all.

Reason for asking is that I am attempting to import a large project from another ticket tracking system

There may well be a follow up question (but I am jumping the gun) - how to assign that sprint to an issue,
Any help appreciated.


Hello @billcomer

The documentation describing the management of Sprints via Jira Cloud’s REST API is at Jira Software Cloud REST API page.

This information was found by Googling “jira cloud rest api create sprint”. It was the first result, right there, at the top of the list.

Thanks, If you look at your link that takes you to version 1.0 of the API.

I have been assuming that v1.0 is out of date &as per my message have been using v3 - am i wrong ?

@sunnyape, apologies if my response appears rude, but I did google exactly as you said & as I said above discounted ait as it refers to v1.0.

So I have just a little play & I can confirm that I can use these 1.0 agile requests as well as 3.0 requests.
These three all work:

curl -D- -u ${USERNAME}:${AUTH} -X GET $JIRA_URL/rest/agile/1.0/board/27/sprint
curl -D- -u ${USERNAME}:${AUTH} -X GET $JIRA_URL/rest/agile/1.0/sprint/66
curl -D- -u ${USERNAME}:${AUTH} --header ‘Accept: application/json’ -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X POST $JIRA_URL/rest/agile/1.0/sprint --data ‘{
“name”:“FOO Sprint foo1”,
“goal”:“make bananas”

Thanks for the nudge

@billcomer . Glad you worked it out. If in doubt, test it yourself.

The REST API for the Agile (Software) module of Jira, which is at v1.0, has always been separate from the REST API of Jira itself, which is at v3.0.

It’s area of confusion for many who are new to Jira, but it aligns with the concept of Jira being a platform, and other modules, with their own APIs, run on top, like the Service Management module.

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