How to create helloworld app with Jira Cloud

Hi everyone, Am trying to create Helloworld app for Jira Cloud. Am following get started link here

I have created my space and project name.

Here is my issue:
the step 2 in the getting started link above says Enable Development Mode by clicking Jira settings but when I access my project here I did not see anywhere to Enable the development Mode. I did not see any Jira settings. it seems the guideline link is not pointing me to the right direction. can someone help me out. Thanks

@EsedoFredrick - welcome to the community. So, you need to go to system settings, not project settings.

Try this:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click Settings link (at the bottom, next to Audit log link)
  3. Check Enable development mode on the modal

Thank you Sir. I have seen it.