How to create new page with web-item and xwork module?

What do I put in the link tag of the web-item module such that when I click on the web-item, the action java class will be executed to generate the soy template?

Below are my code:

<web-item name="comparator-plugin-action-web-ui" key="comparator-plugin-action-web-ui" section="system.content.action/primary" weight="10">
        <description key="">Compare 2 versions of a page</description>
        <label key="Comparator Plugin"/>

<xwork name="comparator-plugin-action-xwork" key="comparator-plugin-action-xwork">
        <description key="">Defines what the Comparator Plugin action does.</description>
        <package name="comparator-plugin" extends="default" namespace="/plugins/comparator-plugin">
            <default-interceptor-ref name="defaultStack"/>
            <action name="comparator-plugin" class="com.example.plugin.ComparatorPluginAction">
                <result name="success" type="soy">/Soy/</result>

The action class just extends ConfluenceActionSupport and only has 1 method Execute() which returns “success”