How to create SOAP service in JIRA plugin

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Some third party gave me WSDL to create SOAP web service (Top-to-bottom approach). I am able to create SOAP web service in dynamic web project of java and it is working fine and communicating like charm with third party client. I want to create this same SOAP service in JIRA Plugin but I don’t know how to do the same with JIRA Plugin. Kindly guide me for this problem.

I have created SOAP service using Apache axis in eclipse through the third party WSDL. How to do the same in JIRA Plugin. Kindly if you any refrence code or some reference link would be helpful for me.

You would need to write an add-on that implements a whole new SOAP service in JIRA.

JIRA used to have a SOAP service, it was deprecated and removed ages ago, in favour of the REST API. I guess you could have a look around for the old code for the SOAP service system plugin and see if that could help, but I’d strongly recommend doing it with REST instead. (If you want to do this for JIRA Cloud, you’re going to have to write something that talks to JIRA over REST anyway)

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Hi Nic,

Thanks for your response. Do you have any reference code or any example how to "“build add-on that implements a whole new SOAP service in JIRA”.

There used to be some stuff floating around the web, but it’s been going away as people move on. The best I can find is a reference to creating your own SOAP endpoints in version 5 of JIRA. See . If you have access to source code of JIRA (via a commercial licence), you might want to have a look at downloading the last version that still had SOAP in it and looking at the source for the SOAP interface in there.

I would still strongly recommend moving to REST instead - you’ll have to do some development work on the other end so that it uses REST instead of SOAP, but that is likely to be easier than writing a whole new interface for JIRA (which you’ll need to maintain on upgrades and can’t be supported by Atlassian)

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Hi Nic,

I can understand SOAP is deprecated but third party only gave me WSDL to create SOAP web service (Top-to-bottom approach). They don’t have any REST service for that functionality so according to their SOAP client i have to create SOAP service only inside a JIRA plugin. That’s why i am facing problem in JIRA plug in to develop SOAP service.

Ok, so you need to choose between the pain of writing a SOAP add-on for JIRA (bearing in mind that this is not a simple task) and writing an external transformer that can translate the incoming SOAP calls into REST ones.

Personally, I’d probably lean towards the second route, but it depends on the complexity of the data that the other system is posting/asking for.

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