How to create user level configuration with Forge framework

I am developing a jira app using forge framework. the app makes api calls to another rest api and needs to add some apikey in the payload. we have been able to store a default apikey

  • globally in the jira app admin layer
  • project level

The issue we are running into is that we also need the jira user to be able to define their own apikey and store it somewhere in jira. We want the app to only default to common apikey when the user apikey is null.We see the various other apps expose some settings menu at the user level. How can we expose this for our app using the forge framework, store the apikey somewhere and to be able to reference it within our code.

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I have the same question.

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Does anyone from Atlassian monitor these forums? Really hard to convince your users to use Forge if you don’t even bother answering their questions

Hi, I think you’re referring to the system.user.options web item which allows Connect apps to place an item in that menu.

We don’t currently have any user-centric extension points like that in Forge, so you’ll need to use a different extension point (jira:globalPage perhaps) and manage the logic to show/manage the right API key to the right users in your code.