How to create webhook in Connect App for Jira Cloud?

How to create webhook in Connect App for Jira Cloud ?
I want to trigger GET/POST request if Jira Ticket is being created.

Please let me know if any idea/suggestions ?

Dileep Kumar

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Hi Dileep,
You can use the webhook module for this:

The documentation is pretty straight-forward there, your connect app will get a POST request for every event you subscribe to.

Hope that helps,

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for your response !! Yes, I have already used webhook as mentioned on the Atlassian webhook module page.

But, my requirement is bit different -

  1. I want to sent custom JSON payload (POST Request - REST API) to other system when ever jira issue is being created/updated.
  2. In the custom JSON payload (POST request- REST API) field newly created issue should be updated dynamically.

Like- This is POST Request Payload with newly created jira issue , when create/update issue event is fired.

“CallData”: {
“Calls”: {
“ShortDescription”: “TEST”,
“JiraIssueField”: “${Jira_IssueKey}”,
“Server”: {
“Description”: “JiraIntegration”

Hope you understand better now !!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @dileep.e.kumar ,

Oh, you want Jira to call webhooks in some other system? Incredibly, that’s even easier – it’s a built-in feature that does not require any apps or extra programming. The documentation is here: Manage webhooks | Atlassian Support

Hope that helps,

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for your response !! No, that is not the case.

I want to send POST Request to other system (via REST API) using JSON payload whenever jira issue is being created/updated via webhook module configured in Atlassian Connect App.

Hope you understand now ! :slight_smile:

Dileep Kumar

hello @dileep.e.kumar ,
your case is as follows , let’s say an issue is created you’ll be notified, Jira sends data to an endpoint containing the needed information about the issue creation. You need to send a custom JSON whenever you receive the data right?
so I would do the following create an endpoint receive data whenever the webhook is fired and in the endpoint I’ll sent the POST request with my JSON ( you can map the data received get the needed information in your endpoint and create a new JSON object then send it via REST API),
Or if you need to use the Jira JSON response (the default one) you can change the url in the connect app to the endpoint directly.
Hope i answered your question!