How to Customize Email Templates in the Confluence Data Center


Does anyone know how to customize email templates in Confluence Data Center?

I’m trying to customize the email templates in Confluence Data Center
(hide page title, hide page updates, hide “view page” and “like” links).

I extracted “confluence-email-notifications-plugin-9.5.1.jar” from the Confluence installation directory as described in the following document,
but I’m not sure what part of the file I need to modify to meet the requirements

The behavior I am expecting is as follows
・Hide the title of the page
・Hide the page update information
・Hide the “View Page” and “Like” links.

I thought that if I modified “” and moved it back to the original directory and restarted it, the text of the notification email when editing a page would change, but it did not change.

Confluence Data Center 7.13.2

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