How to customize Page Information page to display my content

Hi… I am new to Confluence development and developing plugin to display view count of a page and need to display it under Page Information for a page in new section. Can someone help me how to customize Page Information page.
Appreciate help a lot.


Hi @sufiM,

Can you please give us some more information to help you out?

Which Confluence deployment option are you working on? Cloud or Server, and if Server which version?

Would this view count be part of a macro you’re building yourself?


Hi @pvandevoorde ,
I really appreciate for your response. I am developing plugin for Confluence Server and version is 5.9.1. It is not part of macro. It will be part of drop down menu where “Page Information, Page History” options are available. This plugin is listening view event and saving this view event data into database. As of now “Page Information” page displays all page level information but the statistics. My plugin needs to create a new section on “Page Information” page to display all statistics related to that page. I want to know how to customize “Page Information” page to display my data? Is it possible to customize it or not?
Image is attached for your reference.