How to debug Javascript in a created Conf-Server plugin?

I’m just starting with using the tutorials for creating Conf-Server plugins.

While testing the created plugins/marcos using Atlassian SDK I’d like to debug the Javascript parts as well (e.g. using Chrome Dev tools, setting breakpoints …) .
I see that my created Javascript code is merged into huge Javascript files used by Confluence. Called batchxxxx.js But there are a lot of them.
How can I find easily where my Javascript code is located?
In this case: to start Confluence is it better to use atlas-debug or atlas-run?
BR, Franz

Hello Franz,

Use debugger in your code, to stop JavaScript execution.

Use the browsers developer tools “search” function to search for specific code of yours.

Hello Adrian,
Thanks a lot!
So easy - but I never needed to search for this.


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