How to delete an Entity Property on User Logout in JIRA CLOUD?

I’ve been trying to create a Logout webhook for my Jira cloud app…
I’ve created

“webhooks”: [


            "event": "logout",

            "url": "/logout",




under my atlassian-connect.json(App Descriptor). But It’s not working. Kindly help me with this. Thanks in advance.

Hi @BharathKumar,

There isn’t a logout event. From the web hook module documentation, the only user events are user_created, user_deleted and user_updated .


Thanks you for your response! @dmorrow

So How can I do this? How can I delete a property on User Logout??
Any suggestions??

Hi @BharathKumar,

Good question. What action is causing the property to be set? Also, is the property being set from your app’s client side code (e.g. web panel) or from your app’s server? Any more info about your use case would be helpful.