How to deploy a plugin for a listing?

I’ve done my plugin development, tested it, and am ready to list it in the marketplace. It’s a pretty simple plugin and doesn’t have a database. However, I’m not finding any documentation on what exactly needs to be hosted and accessible. I see vague mentions of Heroku, but not a good walkthrough of how you might build/list something as simple as a “hello world”. Can anyone point me to something that might be what I’m looking for?

Not quite sure what you’re asking. The cloud app needs to be running somewhere where the entire internet is able to access it. If it’s a static app (i.e. just descriptor and some html, js files) - then you can host that on any static serving platform. If it’s a nodejs app - the entire app needs to be running somewhere and so forth.

Once you have it running somewhere where it’s stable and you feel comfortable taking traffic:

Thanks, that clarifies. I was thinking you would package it as a .jar or some other type of file like that.

For Server that’s how you do it. For Cloud you’ll have to host it.

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