How to design a project centric view?

Dear Community,

I am developing a new web panel in a project centric view context. So far, it works fine, but I have an issue in the way how I should “design” my velocity file. I’ve tried to find out how Atlassian itself is doing it, but my result is still different.

As you can see, the by me red colored gap is unwanted but I am not sure, how to do it. My velocity file looks like that:

<meta name=“” content=“project_projectinfo_menu_link”/>


<header class=“aui-page-header aui-page-header-fixed header-with-border”>
<div class=“aui-page-header-inner”>
<span class=“reports-subnav-container”>
<span id=“reports-subnav-title”>
<span class=“subnavigator-title” title=“Alle Berichte”>Projektinfos</span>
<span id=“reports-subnav-trigger”></span>
<span id=“reports-subnav-opts”></span>
</div><!-- .aui-page-header-inner -->

<section class=“aui-page-panel-content aui-page-panel-content-no-table”>



Do I need surrounding HTML or BODY Tags? Which Tag is the best to begin with because JIRA adds most of the sourrounding HTML. As far as I found is, that the “Header” Tag is the Tag i need to get the wanted layout but also the tag which is responsible for the approximatly 20-30 pixel white border around.

Do you have any suggestions?

My current Jira Version is 7.12.0.


If I understood correctly, what you don’t want is

<section class=“aui-page-panel-content aui-page-panel-content-no-table”>

Most decorators wrap the content inside a aui-page-panel-content, chances are you now have two of them causing the extra gap.

As far as I understand decorators are capable of “decorating” a full HTML page so it’s fine to have the surrounding HTML or BODY etc

Best regards