How to detect a issue is an Epic?


I try to detect an issue is an Epic issue. How can I do that?
I try to check if issue have the field name “Epic Name” like this:

Collection<CustomField> customField = customFieldManager.getCustomFieldObjectsByName("Epic Name");

I can not use the name of Issue type. Because the name can be change via admin?

Is there any way?

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Historically, I have used the various Helper classes the Jira Software offers – In this case, IssueTypeService within the Jira Software package:

Hi @sfbehnke,
Thank you for your answer. Can I ask " Is there any way to detect an epic issue in the Jira package?"
I don’t want to add the greenhopper to my plugin.
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The Jira app has no concept of the ‘Epic Issuetype’, so without Greenhopper you will not be able to get a guarantee. As far as Jira is considered, ‘Epic’ is the same as ‘Task’ or ‘Bug’.

Hi @sfbehnke,
I try with the solution to detect if the server is the Jira software or not like this

try {
     EpicService epicService = ComponentAccessor.getComponent(EpicService.class);
      if (epicService.isEpic(getCurrentIssue())) {"\nIt is an Epic ne he");
      } else {"\nIt is NOT an Epic");
    } catch (Exception e) {"It isn't a jira software", e);

But I can’t get the EpicServer.class via componentAccessor :frowning: => the EpicService =null

Do you know another way to detect if it a Jira software like this idea?
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Don’t use ComponentAccessor? Why would you use that in a plugin? I have only ever used Dependency Injection via SpringScanner in a plugin.

public class MyComponent {
  private final EpicService epicService;

  public MyComponent(final EpicService epicService) {
    this.epicService = epicService;

  public Boolean myMethod() {
    return (epicService.isEpic(getCurrentIssue());

I may have misunderstood: Check out this link. How to detect a server is a Jira Software/ a Jira Service Desk,...? - #2 by dusan.spaic

Hi @sfbehnke,

I want to inject the EpicService in runtime, so I can resolve my problem via this method:
EpicService epicService = ComponentAccessor.getOSGiComponentInstanceOfType(EpicService.class);

Is this the safe way?


Why do you need it at runtime? The annotations are only for Dependency Injection, which I thought we were talking about here.