How to detect custom field type when knowing the custom field ID (Jira Server) REST API)?

As in the title, I can’t find any REST API endpoint to get the Custom Field Type when I have the custom field ID, or at least get the field itself (then detect from the response).

I can see in the documentation the REST API to get all fields in Jira Server /rest/api/2/field which returns all fields:

But seems like Atlassian does not provide an endpoint to get just one field by its ID.
Especially in my case, I have a custom field ID, so I expect an endpoint which give me back this:

  "id": "customfield_10409",
  "name": "Order Number",
  "custom": true,
  "orderable": true,
  "navigable": true,
  "searchable": true,
  "clauseNames": [
    "Order Number"
  "schema": {
    "type": "string",
    "custom": "com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.customfieldtypes:textfield",
    "customId": 10409

Then I will detect the type of this custom field using schema.custom, in this case it is a Text Field.

So do you know any endpoint to get a field, or do you know any way to detect the custom field type when we know the custom field ID?

Thank you!

If you are still using Jira Server and the v2 REST API, you can use the customFields endpoint to search for custom fields by their name or ID, with filtering by type, project ID, screen ID etc.

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