How to detect Jira Event when a Jira Post function is deleted


Does anyone know if there’s way to get the JIRA event when a JIRA Post Function is deleted?
For now, I’m able to detect if the user wants to edit the post function and I can get the velocity parameters with the function getVelocityParamsForEdit extends from AbstractWorkflowPluginFactoryn and implemented on WorkflowPluginFunctionFactory.

However, I’m not able to get an event when the user deletes the post function.

Thank you in advance for all your attention and for the help.
Best regards,
André Fernandes Rodrigues

I think you’re going to have to “subscribe” to one of:

and then detect the deltas (ie you’ll have to register when your post function is added first and then use the above to see if the post function is still on the item).

Since post functions are an xml node in the workflow - I don’t think Jira can identify when things are added/removed.