How to determine Maven Artifact ID?

I’m Developing an internal plugin for Crowd and Im struggling to work out a simple way of identifying the Artifact ID used to import the packages I need.

As an example, I’m using maven as by build tool and need to add dependencies to my plugins POM file.

Say I want to use the class EncryptingPropertyDAO (EncryptingPropertyDAO (Atlassian Crowd 5.0.1 API)) in order to do this I need to add to the dependency the artifact id crowd-persistence


Given that I knew the class I want, and the package I want to import.

import    com.atlassian.crowd.crypto.EncryptingPropertyDAO 

How can I easily determine the artifactID i need to add to my Maven pom.xml

Thank you,

Atlassian provides various Maven repositories for Plugin Developers.We recommend using the Atlassian Plugin SDK to make sure you’ve got the correct settings to use our servers.

The Plugin SDK handles almost all of this Maven tweaking for you. The SDK includes an embedded Maven installation and correct settings.xml that will be kept up to date as necessary. We believe it makes the plugin development process much easier. For more information, see here.

You can configure your IDE to use Plugin SDK’s maven settings.xml, which already includes Maven Central.

Thank you, I appreciate your assistance. Unfortunately the plugin SDK will not work in my environment.