How to develop a custom report


I am new to jira development and I am trying to develop a custom (sprint) report for our jira cloud.

I successfully did the getting started and
the build-a-jira-app-using-a-framework tutorials.

I then searched the docs and found the report module. This seems to be what I am looking for. I am able to get to a point where you see “the custom report” in a projects “Reports” section. When this report is being clicked, it loads for ever and reports “App is not responding. Wait or cancel”. This is, because my report only consists of the atlassian-connect.json.

I do not understand how to move on from here. I am pretty sure that I have to develop some sort of custom web-app which will then be integrated into jira. But what structure has this web-app to have? How do I integrate it with the report module? From the documentation I know there is a “configure-me” URL which points to a configuration page module. What is this configuration page? I can’t find a configuration page in the docs. Do I need it?

I am mainly looking for a documentation or example that I can follow along. Specific help for my problem is also appreciated.

Thank you all very much,

I solved my problem.

I created a web-app with the atlassian-connect-express framework and provided a route handler for the route configured in atlassian-connect.json.

Thanks everyone for taking your time


FYI, if you want to integrate an arbitrary web app with Atlassian Cloud then this guide from two years ago explains how to do it:

Just thought that you might be interested in the moving parts.

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Thank you very much @rmassaioli.