How to disable Stack Trace via log4j for Confluence Server Log

Hi folks
I wonder how the Stack Trace in atlassian-confluence.log can be reduced. We currently have up to 300 lines of stack trace per issue, for me as system admin only the first three are relevant.
I have placed this question to the Confluence community (see here), they suggested to place the question here.

From my understanding, I could make use of the parameter throwable{n} in
Unfortunately, I was not able to get this working as expected. From my understanding, %throwable{n} is falsely getting interpreted as %t, which refers to the causing Thread.

Step by step:

in I have enriched all the lines with ConversionPattern with %throwable{3}. So e.g.
log4j.appender.confluencelog.layout.ConversionPattern=%d %p [%c{4}] %M %m%n %throwable{3}

The stack trace is still shown at full extend.

I realized that the log is showing localhost-startStop-1hrowable{3} which leads to my assumption that it is getting interpreted as %t + plain String hrowable{3}

I have tried the following variants, but all none with the expected result:

  • surrounded with square brackets [%throwable{3}] (in order to make this a “single” statement)
  • removed %t (in order to avoid conflict)
  • put to the beginning of the ConversionPattern (before %d, in order to have this parsed first)
  • instead of %throwable{3} use %throwable{short} (any other documented option instead of number)
  • same for %throwable{none} (reason why see below)

From the official documentation, this option %throwable{n} is supported since log4j 1.2.16. I have verified that our Confluence installation has log4j-1.2.17.jar, which is also the latest release of log4j 1.x

Interestingly, I found a discussion in the Jira Community dealing with Jira logs and Syslog-Server. (see here.
The explanations there contain the usage of %throwable{none}.
So the usage of this parameter within the Atlassian universe seems to be common.
I have tried using %throwable{none}, but same result…

Regards, Ben


did you find a solution?

I got it to work so far, but did not dare to use it in production …

Im using Confluence Server 7.4 LTS, in my, there is the line:


It seems that Atlassians PatternLayoutWithContext does not support the %throwable Parameter for the layout. But org.apache.log4j.EnhancedPatternLayout does. So I changed the line to:


And layout to:

log4j.appender.confluencelog.layout.ConversionPattern=%d %p [%t] [%c{4}] %M %m%n %throwable{1}

And that works fine - no long stack traces any more in the log files.


@KurtRosivatz this is awesome!! Thank you very much for sharing your solution on this old post - directly worked as expeced. To identify problems at first glance I included 4 lines with %throwable{4}.
Hope anybody else finds this as useful as me. Really great Kurt, thanks again!!