How to discover an action of the own addon in a webhook?

In a issue_update event I need to discover if the webhook was triggered by my own app.
In the pre-GDPR time I did that with

user.key === addon_${addonKey}

Currently there is still also available:

user.emailAddress === ${addonKey} === addon_${addonKey}

I believe user.accountId varies from installation to installation.

What will stay? How to detect the own plugin?


AccountId is constant across all installations so you can hardcode it into your app.


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Hi @jack is this documented anywhere? I have the same requirement on my app too.

Hi @william.tan,

I don’t know if documentation specifies it clearly anywhere but we use that in production with several thousands of active installation so it works.

Besides, we faced various breaking API changes overnight without prior notification, so it is hard to rely on Atlassian documentation these days.


I don’t know if it is documented. But it works in production with us for a year now. And other vendors do that also. Unlikely that it changes.

How can you see your addon account id? I’ve opened a related thread here: Look up accountId of addon

Input greatly appreciated.