How to Display a Link in a Connect Flag

Hi Guys,

How can I add a Link in an AP.flag.create that once you click it, it will refresh the page.

I been exploring the actions options but couldn’t make it work, just a link with a label that does nothing.

Here is my code:

                        type: 'success',
                        title: 'File is properly Imported',
                        body: "Please Refresh the Page to see the imported Pages in the Left Panel.",
                        actions: {
                            'actionkey': 'Refresh'
//what to do next???

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:


You need to use the Javascript API Events module to receive those events.

Take a look into the documentation. To reload the page, you can do it like by the Javascript API too: AP.navigator.reload();

If you need additional help, I’m available to help you.

Best regards,
Paulo Alves.