How To Display Specific Fields of a Jira Issue in Confluence


We have different sets of users in Jira and Confluence (e.g. Engineering uses Jira, Product uses Confluence). We’d like to reduce the redundancy (and inevitable conflict) of information between the two systems by embedding/displaying specific fields of Jira issues (owner, status, dates, etc) in Confluence pages.

Is it possible to accomplish this without developing an external tool that uses the Jira REST API?

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Have you checked the Jira macro? It sounds like it can help your use case.


Thanks Ian! The issue with the Jira macro is that it forces fields to be displayed in a table. We’re looking for a more flexible solution that will allow us to display Jira issue fields inline with text on a Confluence page. Could you point us in the right direction?

For inline Jira issues, you can paste a single issue’s URL. This will include the issue key, summary, and status only; it does not provide the ability to include additional issue fields (see here for more information).

Pasting a Jira ticket’s URL in a Confluence page should look something like this.

Thanks Ian. Is there any way we can display other Jira issue fields (e.g. Due Date) inline with text in Confluence?

You’re welcome, @nora. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any other existing macros that can address the needs you mentioned.

However, if you require the flexibility of adding Jira fields that you need, one option is to build the Confluence macro yourself by using Forge; the UI kit macro component already supports inline macros and you can utilize this. Private cross-product apps i.e., internal apps not distributed in the Marketplace, are allowed which allows you to call the Jira REST APIs and retrieve the necessary issue details that you need.

Hope this helps.

Hello @nora

Have you considered using a third-party app? At Elements, we developed an application called Publish that can help you with publishing content from Jira to Confluence.

Full disclosure: I’m the Product Manager of the app.

For instance, you can:

  • insert any Jira issue data in the Confluence page (and keep the value synchronized between the issue and the page if needed), including the Confluence page title
  • use any Confluence template you need or design the page yourself
  • automatically link the page to the issue
  • automatically copy attachments from Jira to Confluence

If you can tell me more about your need I’ll be glad to help! Otherwise, don’t hesitate to take a look at our documentation or try our app on the marketplace (the app is free for 30 days and stays free if your instance is under 10 users).