How to display status in Issue Glance


The documentation says that it is possible to display a dynamic status in Issue Glance based on the issue property com.atlassian.jira.issue:[addonKey]:[moduleKey]:status

But the examples of status JSONs only show static text, and examples of the module itself (as well as the properties description) don’t have a “status” property at all.

Could someone please elaborate on how to use dynamic statuses in Issue Glance (or maybe just show an example)?

In my experiments, there is no dynamic value as I think you’re wanting. The value that gets displayed is the property as set on the issue. What ever you set to status will be displayed.

The following code worked for me to set the status of a glance.

  data: JSON.stringify({ type: 'lozenge', value: { label: '99', type: 'default' } }), 
  contentType: 'application/json'})
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Ah, my mistake. :slight_smile: So it just goes to the issue property, not in the connect descriptor. Thank you!