How to display the my job in Scheduled Jobs?

How to display the my job in Scheduled Jobs ?


    <component key="cleanJob" name="cleanJob" class=""  public="true">

    <job-config name="cleanJobId" key="cleanJobId" public="true">
        <description  key="gearsmonitor.webitem.section"/>
        <job key="cleanJob" perClusterJob="true" clusteredOnly="true"/>
        <schedule cron-expression="0 0/1 0-23 * * ?" jitterSecs="10"/>
        <managed editable="true" keepingHistory="true" canRunAdhoc="true" canDisable="true"/>

and my cleanJob is

public class CleanJob implements JobRunner {
    private static final Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(CleanJob.class);

    public JobRunnerResponse runJob(JobRunnerRequest jobRunnerRequest) {"begin do countPageView ");
        return JobRunnerResponse.success("success");


but don’t know where the problem is, it never shows up in the Scheduled Jobs。
the documents says:


  • managed is optional. If this is omitted the job won’t appear in the Scheduled Jobs

  • administration page in Confluence.

  • If any of the following attributes are omitted, their values are assumed to be false :

  • When set to true , editable allows the job schedule to be edited. This is forced to false if schedule type is interval.

  • When set to true , keepingHistory means the job’s history persists and survives server restarts. If set to false , the job history is only stored in memory and will be lost on the next server restart.

  • When set to true , canRunAdhoc allows the job to be executed manually on the Scheduled Jobs administration screen.

  • When set to true , canDisable allows the job to be enabled or disabled on the Scheduled Jobs ( http://ip:8090//admin/scheduledjobs/viewscheduledjobs.action ) administration screen.