How to don't invoke webhook by REST update

I have a question.
If it possible to update resources (like Trello cards) by Trello REST API but don’t fired a webooks which are on this resources?

I can’t delete this webhook but I have some situation when I need update resources but not fired webhooks.


Seems like you need to use Update a Webhook request. Pass the active parameter to the query and set its value either to false or true. It will deactivate/activate the webhook respectively.

For more information on Trello Webhooks you can visit


I don’t want a deactivate webhook.
Let’s explain. I have a Webhook on a Card and this webhook invoke when card is update.
It is possible to update Card without invoke webhook (only for this one request - update Card)?


Basically, you want your Webhook to fire on a card model changes. But you also want to filter these updates and make some exceptions when the Webhook is suppressed?

If this is the case, then unfortunately our API doesn’t support that.

One of our developers suggested a workaround where you could use Redis to keep track of card updates. And then on the webhook side, you would check the Redis store to see if the webhook action matches any updates you recently made and then ignore it.