How to edit the rich text section in a Jira Version via REST API

Hi, I’m trying to automate some work around the creation and management of Versions in Jira, and I want to be able to edit and update the Rich Text Section in a Version.

This is a section that’s visible in the UI…

And also present in the version object returned to the UI from the uiVersionDetailsQuery request…
(image in second post as I’m a new user and can only embed one media thing in my post)

But is not listed as either a field/object in the API reference, nor a field available as an expand.

How can I read the contents of this section, and make updates to it via the REST API?

See below for the response in the browser that details this rich text section

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @charlottemurray,

If it’s not in the API reference, you might not be able to POST/PUT it. However, I can point you to the reference for rich text content in the REST API v3 as defined by the Atlassian Document Format. Or, you might switch to the older v2 REST API where there are other options for providing rich text.

Thanks for coming back so quickly! Is this something I can raise as a feature request? This rich text section isn’t really mentioned in any of the non-dev Jira documentation or guidance either, is this quite a new feature?


I don’t know when that became a feature. Could you please open a “suggestion” issue yourself in our open Jira (JAC) in the ECO project? Once you have the issue key, please let us know here so other folks can watch, vote, and comment.