How to embed script like JSM widget in forge ui kit?


Anyone knows how to embed the script in UI Kit 2?

<script data-jsd-embedded data-key="xxx" data-base-url="" src=""></script>


Sorry, you can’t use html tags so the script tags won’t work. You’ll need to use Custom UI instead.


Oh, what a pity! Thanks for your confirmation @AdamMoore
When developing with UI Kit, I found there’re many limitations. From Atlassian’s perspective, will you resolve all those limitations? or you will recommend us to switch to Custom UI to develop big apps?

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In forge ui kit ,can’t we really get the dom element? If we want to get the dom element, can we only use Custom UI?


For now, your only option is to use Custom UI I’m afraid. In future I think the best way to solve it for UI Kit would be providing the JSM widget as a component that you can just drop in to your app. It’s not in our immediate plans though


Correct, you’ll need to use Custom UI if you want access to the dom

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As a workaround, I’m provide a link for users to go to JSM portal.