How to enable/disable Forge plugin based on the project (name) or even issue type


we have many projects on one site and I would like to disable the plugin, that I’m developing, on some of them.
I know I can use display conditions ( in the manifest but that is a fixed setting.
What I would like is to make this configurable, during runtime. So the site admin can select on which projects the plugn is visible and which not.
Additionally, if possible, to even select on which issue types, the plugin is visible (again, make it configurable for the project admin and not hardcoded in manifest).


Hey, unfortunately it’s not possible to dynamically show/hide Forge modules at the moment. It’s on the roadmap for this year but I’m not sure specifically when.

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Thanks for your answer.

Yes this is unfortunate. Is maybe there some workaround, by using connect framework, or something else, to achieve this functionality now already.
Or maybe somehow just by hiding UI elements on project or site level. It doesn’t need to be a part of plugin.
Sometimes there are some dirty tricks that could be done, as a temporary solution, until the proper one is implemented.