How to enable quickreload track js/css/vm Files?

I try to configure that quickreload mention that I change something on my js/css or vm Files, so I don’t need to run atlas-package every time I change somethin at this files.
With Fastdev that was pretty easy, buut whit quickreload this is really excausting to do a full reload of the plugin only to see if a little change in html works.

So I found this

But it is a little bit confusing, has anybody an example or a snippet on how I have to configure this?


AFAIK QuickReload will automatically pick up changes from your resources folder without having to rebuild. The only time you should need specific configuration is when you want to include additional resources folders, or if you have your resources folder in a different location.

not in my case. I build a new plugin with the PluginSDK and their is no automatically reload of the resource files. :frowning:

Just for my understanding, with automatic reload, do you mean that the browser is automatically refreshed, or do you mean that the changes are picked up if you manually refresh the page?

If I run atlas-debug with QuickReload for my add-on, changes to any file in /src/main/resources are picked up, but the browser is not automatically refreshed. I need to manually refresh the page to see the changes.

I mean that QuickReload get the change I make at the js/css/vm file, and I hit refresh manually in the browser.
And this doesn’t work in my case. The server runs with atlas-debug and the cache is disabled in the browser, but to see my changes I have to run atlas-package every time I change something.

Hello, I build a simple plugin with a vm file and a js file and put it on bitbucket. you can find it here:

When I start this with atlas-debug and change something in the vm or js file the changes aren’t tracked. I have to run atlas-package to see my changes.

Hello, I opened a ticket for atlassian support and they solved it.


I had to add this:


to the configuration tag of the maven-jira-plugin and everything works fine.


It run well. Thank you cschulc!!