How to export packages using resolvers in custom ui forge app?

Hai all,
From the help of atlassian developer community, i understood that we can use @forge/api module inside custom UI forge app using @forge/resolver and @forge/bridge. But i don’t know how to import the storage package from @forge/api in custom UI forge app.
If anyone familiar with this issue, kindly send your suggestions.

Thanks in advance…

Hi @SuryaA

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to import storage from @forge/api within a Custom UI function. Instead, you must access the storage API via a Custom UI resolver:

Within your resolver function you can import storage and then from your Custom UI module call it via invoke from @forge/bridge

The Forge runtime reference docs could probably do a better job of highlighting what is available within a Custom UI function. It’s listed at Custom UI bridge — namely invoke, requestJira, requestConfluence, router, view, and Modal

Hai @nvenegas Really thanks for your help.